Britney Spears: I’m Not Really Made for Superstardom

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 at 8:05 am

britney7In a heartbreaking new interview, megastar Britney Spears has dropped yet another indication that the limelight -- and her super sexy persona -- isn't for her.

In a special on the E! channel Sunday night in advance of her Las Vegas residency, the 32-year-old singer tells the camera "I have always been kind of shy, since I was a little girl. It’s who I am to be modest, so I really can’t help it."

This is a shocking revelation considering nearly her entire career has been based on her status of sex symbol. But for her it's just an act.

"It’s almost like it’s my alter ego when I get on stage" the Femme Fatale  singer says. "I turn into this different person seriously. Bipolar disorder."

Britney has recently made more and more hints that after her two-year residency at Planet Hollywood, she wants to call it quits and move back home to Kentwood, Louisiana. The mother of two dropped another hint that her time in the spotlight isn't time she enjoys.

"I'm not really made for this industry because I am so shy. It’s not something that I deal with so well."

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