VIDEO: Mariah Carey – Going To Work On American Idol Was “Hell…With Satan”

Posted on November 13th, 2013 at 2:14 pm

mariah8Former American Idol judge Mariah Carey is making it clear why she left judges panel on the Fox singing contest - she was miserable there. 

In a very  candid interview with Angie Martinez on the Hot 97 radio, the 43-year-old superstar was asked about working on Idol and said "honestly, I hated it."

Mimi added "it was like going to work every day in Hell...with Satan."  We assume Satan might be a reference to her nemesis on the judge's table Nicki Minaj.  Mariah did make a point to say when she signed on she was led to believe there would only be three judges (Minaj was later added as a fourth).

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She then said she was half joking about the Hell remark but noted that while she was disappointed with her Idol experience, she did love working with the contestants. 

But even that was a point of contention for the #Beautiful singer, who disagreed with the choices of who producers decided to move forward in the competition for "political reasons."

Mimi said she's now back to doing what makes her happiest, recording new songs and touring.

Skip ahead to the 10 minute mark for Mariah's candid comments:

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