Sylvester Stallone Has Sound Analyst Debunk Use Of Racial Slur –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on November 15th, 2013 at 5:15 pm

'The Escape Plan' - New York PremeireSylvester Stallone is denying reports that he used a racial slur toward a photographer on Thursday.

TMZ obtained a video of the actor allegedly snapping at an African American pap outside Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills, and accused Stallone of shouting in the clip, "This f--king n---er here, this f--ker." 

To prove his innocence, Sly is bringing his friends and a professional sound analyst into the mix to confirm he hadn't used any racial slur in reference to a paprazzo.

In a lengthy statement obtained by RumorFix, Sly's team states:

"Sylvester Stallone did not use a racial slur in reference to a paparazzi, as reported. Frank Pesce, who can be seen with Mr. Stallone in the paparazzi video, confirms that Sly did not make the racial statement as falsely claimed in the story. Pesce states, 'I was with Sly the whole time, and he never said the N-word. The statement was made to a large muscular man in a white t-shirt with his hat on backwards, who had been stalking him for more than an house. Sly previously asked the paparazzi in a polite manner, 'Please cut me a break.' The paparazzi ignored him and continues to harass him. In response, Sly made the statement: 'I know...Look at this f***ing idiot here.'"

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The statement continues, "Significantly, Sound Engineer and Analyst of over two decades, George Usher, listened to an enhance audio track and confirms that what Mr. Stallone actually said was: 'I know...Look at this f**king idiot here.' Usher stated, 'I listen to sound professionally and day in and day out, and I know what I heard. In my professional opinion, the audio confirms that Mr. Stallone did not use a racial epithet.'"

"Mr. Stallone never heard a paparazzo's subsequent statement about alleged "racial slurs," and if he had, he would have immediately addressed the person and denied making any racial slurs because, in fact, he hadn't made any," Stallone's rep adds, "This is just another example of an embellishment of a story to make innocuous videos and pictures more valuable.  Mr. Stallone has had a very productive relationship with African American artists and co-workers his entire career. "

And that takes care of that!

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    1. Derek Winfield says:

      “And that takes care of that!”. Nice try.

    2. Rusty Elbows says:

      I trust Sly’s sleazy entourage to always tell the truth about what he does and does not do.

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