Ryan Gosling Look-alike, Grant Hazell, Wants To Be Male Model– Exclusive

Posted on November 16th, 2013 at 7:24 am



A 35-year-old Australian cop had the most chaotic week of his life when word got out that he looks just like his doppelganger Ryan Gosling.

Grant Stephen Hazell looks so much like the movie star, he gets stopped all the time in Perth, Australia.

His wife, Caroline, started the media frenzy when she sent over Grant's picture to a talent agency.

A friend of Grant's tells RumorFix exclusively that Grant is loving the attention and would love to parlay it into TV or movie offers, but those haven't come yet. "But the guy is very realistic and he wants to start off by doing modeling," his friend tells us.

Reports say he's already making anywhere from $320 to $800 a night as a celebrity look-alike.

On Facebook, Caroline, reports that they got a "personal message of approval from the Gosling family in Canada."

The hunk has two children, so we are told "He's not going to give up his day job. He's not going to give up policing -- it's his livelihood after all."



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