Perez Hilton: Lady Gaga Was Obliterated Drunk On The Day Their Friendship Ended

Posted on November 25th, 2013 at 12:51 pm

perezPerez Hilton is finally setting the record straight on his war with onetime best friend Lady Gaga.

In an appearance on Monday's The Wendy Williams Show, the blogger took issue with Gaga calling him a "fake friend" on Howard Stern's radio show recently. He said "I'm not fake, I keep it real.  I viewed her as an 'IRL' friend -- in real life friend."  He even called her his "wifey" the two were that close.

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However, he said things between the two changed forever when he and Gaga were filming an on-camera interview together and an "obliterated drunk" Gaga turned on him when he asked about her boyfriend.

"When we were filming that (interview) she got obliterated drunk, amongst other things. She got really upset because I asked her about her boyfriend. And I'm like, I didn't ask anything inappropriate. Just me even bringing her boyfriend up set her off." 

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He added "She hasn't really gone in depth about her issues ... She said recently, over the last couple of years, she's had issues with drugs and alcohol and that when people are on drugs and alcohol, they behave irrationally, erratically and are mean to those they love."

But then his sympathy turned to anger when he accused the 27-year-old Artpop singer of using people, stating she "gloms onto people and uses them and when they're no longer of use (to her) she throws them aside" and that "in her mind, the world revolves around her."

He ended the interview with Wendy saying there is "no chance of reconciliation" between the former BFF's.

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    1. Diane says:

      perez doesn’t know how to be a friend. he uses people and pretends to be their friend for his own gain. he did the same to paris hilton and lindsay back in the day. he didn’t learn his lesson about being a bully after he got beat up. i would believe anyone else over that idiot.

    2. Guest says:

      Perez ‘fake’ Hilton based his lame career off putting people down and abusing their kindness! He’s such a liar! If he had any class he would have not discussed it at all! What a loser. As usual riding the coat tails ….

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