Pauly D Baby Mama Accuses Ex Of Selling Lies To ‘Trashy TMZ’ –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on November 11th, 2013 at 1:41 pm

Untitled-3Over the weekend, TMZ published a story from an interview they did with Amanda Markert's troubled baby daddy from her first kid.

Lance Gerbino put in his two cents on the current custody battle surrounding his ex and Pauly D, who is the father of her daughter Amabella. Gerbino tells TMZ he doesn't think Amanda deserves any custody of the five-month-year-old baby girl, claiming she's a liar and game player.

And while TMZ couldn't get a reaction from the mother-of-two, Amanda came straight to RumorFix exclusively to set the record straight.


"The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior," Amanda tells RumorFix of her ex, revealing Lance's past criminal behavior, while proving that he has no ground to talk smack on her. Markert tells us, "One of the warrants is from his arrest in Florida for crashing his vehicle into an older woman while he was under the influence in the middle of the day…this could have been your mother, or grandmother, or daughter, or friend and yet he is out there getting paycheck after paycheck to tell lies just so trashy TMZ can make a story because no one else will talk to them. What has this world come to?"

"I feel sorry that some people make a living by invading others lives and making people look bad. I also feel bad for the person who hasn’t had a job in five years and their only source of income is selling lies to TMZ," Amanda says of Lance.

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Amanda tells RumorFix that, unlike her ex, she prefers to take the high road, saying, "I live my life by trying to help others, not by bashing them because of a mistake. Interview after interview providing the public with statements calling me a horrible mother coming from a person [Lance] who lost custody of their child two years ago and has done nothing to modify that. I was granted with sole custody and yet I am the ‘bad’ parent?"

According to Amanda, Lance is fully aware that he's selling complete lies to the media, but says it comes as no surprise coming from a person like him with "no hope for a career or fulfilling future, a drug and criminal history, and nothing better to do than skateboard all day."

Market also provided Lance's long list of run-in's with the law, as well as a court document ordering him to stay away from Amanda and her son due to a failed drug test.


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