Levi Johnston Is Not A Deadbeat Dad, Says Wife — Exclusive

Posted on November 8th, 2013 at 8:26 am


When Bristol Palin's baby daddy asked for equal custody of their four-year-old boy, Tripp,  reports surfaced that the former Playgirl model owes $66,000 in child support.

But Levi Johnston's wife is coming to his rescue.


Sunny Johnston tells RumorFix exclusively, "There is a lot of crooked stuff going on right now. Levi does not owe her near that."

Bristol's attorney, John Tiemessen, tells AP that the Child Support Service Division says Levi owes the 66K. But, Sunny says, "He's [Levi's] already paid her $30,000 and might not have even owed her that. It's a long story."

In 2010, Levi and Bristol agreed Bristol would have primary custody and the two would share legal custody, but now Levi and Sunny want 50/50 custody.

So, why is he going after 50/50 custody now? "He's going after his son for the reason he's always fought for him. We just saved up for a lawyer and hoping for 50/50. He's been paying child support for months now after giving her $30,000 two years ago," she added.

Sarah Palin's arch rival believes he can keep up with child support payments and provide for Tripp because Levi has given up Hollywood and is working as an electrician and Sunny is a medical assistant.


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    1. Erin says:

      ‘He’s been paying child support for months now after giving her $30,000 two years ago’.. Um.. That’s what you’re supposed to do! Pay child support for any child you have, and if you don’t pay it, it just adds up. He’s been sticking to paying regular child support for ‘months’? Woopde-freaking-do -_- I don’t understand why she sounds so proud of him? If it had been regular child support payments since the kid was born, then yes, that’s something to be proud of. Not paying it for months.

      • Glorifiedlove says:

        AND he spent years jerking off in LA while Bristol worked a normal job being a devoted mother. Why didn’t he THEN finish school and prove he is the man his wifey says he is. Because he wasn’t then. He was a sellout and now is trying to play Mr perfect. Sick. Good parents don’t put on facades. They question themselves daily and pray they made the right decisions.

    2. Kristy Patullo says:

      This girl is a liar like the rest of the Johnston’s. The $66,000 amount is a matter of record. Can’t dispute that. This is about money, pure and simple. Levi gets 50/50 custody, his payments are reduced. This guy is damaged. He will never change.

    3. Glorifiedlove says:

      Hold on. He’s paid exactly 30k, for almost 5 years? That’s pretty average. I think it’s funny his wife now has the same job Bristol does. Makes me laugh. And paid her TWO years ago? When the kid was 3? What’d he do the first 3 years??? When he was making loads of money being nasty? I commend him for doing it though. Dear Sunny, these things do not belong in public. Now go away. Peoples opinions don’t change because of a petulant blonde tramp begging for her husbands past to be overlooked. Sunny forgot to mention she, a nobody, exploited HER baby and wedding.


    4. NotFooled says:

      really? How ANYONE can trust a thing any Palin has to say is beyond me. This guy is just a normal joe trying to get by it would seem…. i feel sorry for Tripp, would seem he’d be better off with his father.

    5. Jan says:

      Seems to be a pattern of filing for custody when a Palin is in the news.Sarah’s book tour now. Last time Bristol was on Wife Swap. Time before, Bristol was on DWTS. How much do these outlets PAY any Johnston for an interview?

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