Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Lip Injections?!

Posted on November 18th, 2013 at 6:12 am
Still A Rumor

Fullscreen capture 11182013 60540 AMKendall Jenner just turned 18, but is the star already dabbling in the world of plastic surgery?! 

That's chatter going around online social media lately, after the starlet posted a series of pics of her lips looking awfully plump!

Jenner is the younger half sister of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, all whom are definitely not foreign to plastic surgery. We just hope Kendall's older sisters aren't rubbing off on her--she's too beautiful to mess up her face with plastic just yet!

So, what do you think? Does it looks like Kendall got her lips injected? Sound off in the comments below!

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    1. Cats4lyfe says:


    2. Crystal says:

      I don’t want her to have a plastic surgery. She looks beautiful the way she is. Plastic surgery can ruin her face.

    3. greg says:

      looks like it

    4. Kim Thomson says:

      she’s too beautiful to mess up her face with plastic surgery.

    5. smdh says:

      why do white igirls want to plump up their lips.. that is so pathetic…and that lip poking has got to go…you can tell she did something…some say she didn’t get surgery..whatever!!!! even poking them out shows smehing is wrong with her! Stay how God created you! Full lips don’t look right on non black race!.

    6. smdh says:

      what next the fake booty injections…. oh I forgo that only comes when they date blk guys!

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