Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Brothel Trip — He Thought It Was A Private Club

Posted on November 4th, 2013 at 11:45 am
Still A Rumor

Justin Bieber raised eyebrows -- and the ire of parents of his young fans -- when he was spotted allegedly trying to sneak out of notorious house of prostitution Centaurus in Rio De Janeiro over the weekend.

But a source close to Bieber exclusively tells Entertainment Tonight, “[The location] wasn't a brothel. It was [a] private club [that] he got invited to by friends. [It was a] members only type of club and he didn't get kicked out of his hotel, he chose to leave as thousands of kids surrounded the hotel. It was becoming a security risk.”

This may contradict the fact that Centaurus is a well known brothel -- and brothels are legal in Brazil. The "Boyfriend" singer allegedly spent three hours inside the "private club" and left with two other women from the establishment.

He also covered himself up in a blanket when leaving ... which wouldn't make a lot of sense if it was just a private club where there would be no reason to be ashamed and hide.

Justin's Brazilian trip has been filled with scandal. In addition to his visit to Centaurus, he cut short a concert in Sao Paulo when someone threw a water bottle at him onstage. He was so incensed he stopped in mid-performance and stormed offstage, not to return much to the disappointment of fans who waited for over half an hour expecting him to return to the stage and perform his mega-hit "Baby."

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    1. Milena says:

      that is not true, thats a nightclub. that is not a prostitution house. get your info straight. i live 5min from it. http://extra.globo.com/famosos/justin-bieber-emenda-noitada-deixa-boate-no-rio-com-30-mulheres-em-van-10672957.html

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