EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Charlie Sheen’s Son: Injuries Were Not From Child Abuse

Posted on November 5th, 2013 at 6:32 pm


Some disturbing pictures showing Charlie Sheen's son Max with what appears to be some kind of facial injury were not caused by child abuse, a source close to the case tells RumorFix exclusively.

The pictures taken on July 26 show a rash-like spot on the side of the four-year-old's face. Denise Richards, who had temporary guardianship of the Max and his twin brother Bob until Tuesday when she asked to no longer be their caregiver, kept impeccable records and documented how the boys looked when they left her care and took pictures when they returned to her care.

The photos that have been leaked were taken after the boys spent a weekend this summer with their mom Brooke Mueller, who is in a treatment program, and her mother Moira Fiore.

Our source says, "This was three months ago -- this is old information. Apparently no child abuse was found or Brooke wouldn't be able to see her kids like she did last weekend."

We are reminded that a court-ordered monitor is present every time there's a visit.

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