Dustin Hoffman Sighting: He Loves His Bockwurst

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 at 8:48 am


If you're in Los Angeles and want to see a major A-list movie star -- you might want to develop a taste for currywurst.

Dustin Hoffman has become a regular at Currywurst in West Hollywood across from The Grove.

The Oscar-winner has been to the cozy restaurant on Fairfax three times and an eyewitness says, "I can't stress how nice a guy he is."

So what does Dustin eat? A burger, vegan sausage, bockwurst and, of course, beer.

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    1. Samser says:

      Shocked this site is still in business with its lack of news. Literally meant to click Maps on Google, rather than News, and saw this non-news story. Rail all you want about TMZ and similar sites, but they’re accurate and informational, far beyond Dustin Hoffman eating bockwurst. Snore.

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