Did Justin Bieber ‘Eye-Up’ Selena Gomez Look-A-Like In Brazil?

Posted on November 8th, 2013 at 3:49 pm


Justin Bieber fancies a mirror-image love - of former flame Selena Gomez!

The Canadian star seems to have fallen for raven-haired Brazilian teen Fernanda Paes.

And 'the Biebs' couldn't keep his eyes off the sultry beauty after they met at  Zax Club in Rio.

After inviting a team of young beauties back to his Rio de Janeiro mansion Justin was photographed gazing adoringly at Fernanda - who bears a striking likeness to his girlfriend of two years Selena the following day.

The star tried to smuggle his latest love interest out of the club underneath a blanket as the pair fled to his waiting car while being mobbed by photographers and fans.

And despite being attracting a ton of beautiful girls inside the venue it was Fernanda that really took his eye.

Before hooking-up with 'the Biebs' the Brazilian beauty seemed starstruck when the pop star entered the  packed club.

She wrote on her Facebook: "Justin Bieber on the same night as me ... Baby ohhhh! Everyone, get down quick to Zak! It's not a joke haahha."

Justin was so taken with his new lady friend - who speaks English - the pair listened to music together on her phone the following day.

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