Courtney Stodden Post Doug Hutchinson Split: I Want To Be A Regular Girl

Posted on November 15th, 2013 at 6:20 am

spl540329_008-620x933Courtney Stodden, who once told RumorFix that she's an "old soul,"  appears to be full of knowledge these days.

The 19-year-old opened up about her split from 52-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison on Bethenny Thursday.

Stodden dished, "I've learned that right now a career is great, it's cool whatever but right now I'm not putting it aside, I don't want to say that but right now I'm really wanting to focus on me and that's why I came on this show to kind of clear the air a little bit and put it out there that I've learned I need to be 19, I need to do what regular girls do."

But will the star take up any of those tempting porn offers? "Trust me, the second I turned 18 the entire porn industry turned upside down, Vivid, all of them, I turned down a $5 million porn offer about three months ago," she says.

And for the first time, Courtney actually sounded smart, saying, "I think that women or anybody quite frankly that wants to wear combat boots or eight inch heels, I think that's their prerogative. I think if somebody feels comfortable a certain way with their life choices, how they look, regardless of what it is, if they are not hurting themselves or other people I think it's fine, it's fair game. Have at it, enjoy your life, look the way you want to look. I happen to feel comfortable like this, I like the way I look, I love the way I look. I think that's all that matters. I think that can empower other people too from hearing that. I know people might think this is funny but I actually feel that I am a true feminist because I believe in women looking the way they want to look, I think real women support women."

What do you think of Courtney's interview?

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    1. Luce Morales says:

      She doesn’t look a day over 42.

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