Courtney Stodden Flashes Red Thong In A Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 at 1:38 pm


She's only 19-years-old, and Courtney Stodden already has a type.

After dumping her 53-year-old estranged husband, Doug Hutchison, it appears to buxom blonde has her eyes set on another man old enough to be her grandfather.


The starlet was spotted out on the town Thursday night looking cozy with Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Edward Lozzi.

Apparently Lozzi is serving as Stodden's publicist--but that hand looks a little too friendly for a business relationship.

But it's not a night out with Courtney Stodden unless she exposes parts of herself where the sun don't shine. Wearing a barely there black mini dress, the teen sat down in a very un-ladylike manor, putting yet another wardrobe malfunction under her belt.

Old men and a wardrobe malfunction--A day in paradise for Courtney Stodden.


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    1. LoLo says:

      Nothing attractive about her from head to toe. HORRIBLE hair, greasy skin, no shape, clown makeup & the worst implants. They look like bolt on basketballs. They are there only to draw attention away from her face. Any man that falls for her is a lunatic.

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