Brooke Mueller DID NOT Call Cops On Denise Richards — Someone Else Did — Exclusive

Posted on November 27th, 2013 at 3:30 pm


Police arrived at the home of Denise Richards on Tuesday night checking out child abuse claims, RumorFix has confirmed -- but contrary to reports by TMZ -- Brooke Mueller did not call the cops, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

A source close to the situation tells us an anonymous caller (NOT Brooke) called the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services and accused Denise of abusing her daughters and possibly Brooke's twins.

Both Brooke and Denise were once married to Charlie Sheen and they both have mothered his children. Brooke, who has had troubles with drug addiction, lost her children for six months while she went to rehab. But, she is slowly working her way back to regain custody.

Her brother, Scott Mueller, now has temporary guardianship of her twins, Max and Bob.

We are told Denise's children are still in her custody while the Department of Children Family Services investigates.

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    1. itsjustme says:

      Let’s get this straight. Brooke didn’t call about child abuse accusations against Denise? What a bunch of horse doody. Who on earth else would? Brooke wants nothing more than to bring Denise down so she doesn’t talk any more about the boys actions after they have been in Brooke’ s presence.

      Of course it’s very possible, and maybe even plausible that Brooke didn’t make the call herself, but I bet my last dollar it was someone within her camp. She’s just pissed Denise is the most stable force in those poor boys lives. And that she herself will never have a good relationship with those boys.

    2. Chell says:

      Who’s the “source close to the situation” that told you this? Brooke herself?

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