Bogus Kanye West Paparazzi Brawl Video Goes Viral

Posted on November 12th, 2013 at 3:30 pm

kanye12A video went viral Tuesday that appeared to show rapper Kanye West use some sick MMA-style fighting skills to take down two paparazzi. The video was titled "Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi."

The video in question was supposedly taken this weekend in Austin, Texas. But Kanye was in New York City to celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio's 39th birthday at night then took a private jet back to LA the next day ... Unless he made an overnight side-trip to Austin to brawl in the street with strangers for no apparent reason, it's not him.

Also, there are no "paparazzi" anywhere to be seen. None of the people fighting have cameras, and thus aren't paparazzi. In fact no one has a camera except the guy filming some guys having a street brawl on his cell phone.

And last but not least, Kanye is already in trouble with the law for brawling with a paparazzo outside of LAX  last summer and per his lawyer's advice  has been on his best behavior around the paparazzi since.

Remember when Jimmy Kimmel punked the entire world with video of the worst twerk fail ever that went viral?  We're sure there's an interesting story behind this video too.  But it's not Kanye OR paparazzi.

A poster to posted the most logical explanation so far, saying "I know the person that filmed this. It’s personally one of my close friends. He purposely named it on YouTube, ‘Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi’ as a joke. No way we thought it was going to blow like this. It’s ridiculous how many people actually believe it’s Kanye West. The ORIGINAL video was taken down because he didnt think it was going to go viral the way it did. LMAO … this sh*t is too comedy.”

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