Beyonce Duet Surprise Makes ‘Superstar’ Of Blind Fan Sophie Kotkis –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on November 18th, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Untitled-3Last week Beyonce made headlines after a tear-jerking performance where she sang a duet with a little blind girl, Sophie Kotkis, in Perth, Australia. And now RumorFix is reporting the details behind the 13-year-old's once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Kotkis' older sister, Ellie Kotkis, who spoke exclusively to RumorFix on her little sister's behalf, tells us Sophie is "still on cloud 9" since the night she sang "Irreplaceable" with Bey last week, adding,"She [Sophie] doesn't understand the magnitude and the enormity of the entire event but it's been amazing." It appears the 13-year-old's celebrity encounter has made Sophie a celebrity herself --"People recognized her immediately after the concert," says Ellie.

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Ellie tells RumorFix she's been trying for years to get Sophie backstage at a concert, and after multiple rejections the 17-year-old was about to give up until she heard Beyonce was coming to Perth, which gave her one last bit of hope. "I have been trying for years and years, to get Sophie either backstage or into any form of concert. I emailed promoters/celebrities teams/ anyone I could. But the answer I got back was either always a fat 'No,' or they just did not reply at all," Kotikis reveals, adding, "Then I heard that Beyonce was coming to Perth and I thought I would give it one last try."

The tenacious big sis then went the extra mile and made a video of Sophie to send to Bey's team. The video, obtained exclusively by RumorFix, describes all of Sophie's disabilities, Ellie explains, "and how in spite of them how she is my inspiration and truly makes the world a better place by being here."

After six months of anticipation, about one month before the concert, Ellie received the good news that the singer invited them to her gig in Perth, but she decided to keep it a secret from Sophie until just a couple days before the big night.

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When the long-awaited night finally arrived, Sophie and her family headed to the venue where they were greeted by Bey's "incredible and friendly staff," Ellie explains, adding that Sophie was over the moon from the get-go as "The staff told Soph that Beyonce was excited she was here and looking forward to seeing her dancing."

"Sophie nearly lost it" when Beyonce's staff asked if Sophie would be the girl who hands Beyonce the towel as she flies over to the stage. Ellie reveals, "So Beyonce flew over, took the towel and then kissed Soph on the forehead. Afterword she started singing "Irreplaceable" and asked Sophie to help. You cannot believe the look on Sophie's face ... I almost cried at that point. So they sang and it was truly amazing, and the whole crowd went wild. It meant the world to me to show everyone there how Sophie's disabilities don't prevent her from being the amazing person that she is."

After the concert wrapped, Ellie tells RumorFix that "Soph was then presented with a towel like the one she gave Beyonce and a signed photo. Unfortunately we never got to chat with her as I would have loved to tell her how amazing and special of a person I think she is for helping me orchestrate such a massive deal for my sister. I would have loved to get a photo with her but it honestly doesn't matter because this whole thing wasn't about me at all it was 100 percent about showing Sophie how much she means to me."

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The big sister explains what a life-changing moment that night was for her, telling RumorFix, "To watch my sister sing with Beyonce, is a moment I will never forget. To stand beside Soph at that moment I couldn't have been more proud. My sister has overcome her set backs in life. Her disabilities include being legally blind, partially deaf, developmental delays, muscle tone issues and partial cerebral palsy. At that moment it was like her disabilities never existed she was just an amazing girl who got to sing with her favorite person in the world-- Mrs. Carter herself."

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