Anderson Cooper To Alec Baldwin Rant: Are You Drunk? Twitter Spat Erupts

Posted on November 18th, 2013 at 11:26 pm

alec6Did Alec Baldwin return to his old Twitter account late Monday night to launch a personal attack on Anderson Cooper's journalism career?

His old account - which was last used by his wife Hilaria used to announce the birth of their daughter in August - lit up with comments about the CNN anchor, who last week came out against Baldwin and his homophobic slur controversy.

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@AlecBaldwin tweeted late Monday night:

"If I had Anderson's paycheck and sorry ratings, I might be fast and loose with the truth, as well."

"@AC360 @andersoncooper I think it would suit you to be more careful what you accuse people of. Journalism us about having the facts. Or are you more "host" than journalist?"


But this did catch Cooper's attention and he responded back:

".@AlecBaldwin are you drunk? You're kind of embarrassing yourself. I wish you well."  Followed by @AlecBaldwin I've got to assume this is a fake account. It would be too embarrassing otherwise."

Story developing....

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