Alec Baldwin’s Heated Public Meltdown With News Reporter As Crazy Day Continues

Posted on November 15th, 2013 at 1:31 pm

alec12The Alec Baldwin public meltdown 2013 continues (oh wait, we already had this one.  And this one.). 

He got in hot water Thursday for allegedly using an anti-gay slur against a member of the paparazzi, after chasing another pap down the street and yelling at him. That incident made national headlines and caused the 55-year-old actor to claim he was misunderstood and was anything but homophobic after being called out for continuing to use anti-gay slurs from everyone from Anderson Cooper to GLAAD.

So you'd think he'd want to lay low Friday and stay out of the headlines. Well, he's done the opposite.

He's had a morning filled with bizarre encounters with the media.  First he shoved paparazzi while walking to get a haircut.  Then he appeared friendly and cooperative to the same paparazzi after his trim by posing with his gay hairdresser and having him attest that he's not homophobic (it was as awkward as it sounds).   Then he verbally threatened a reporter from the local NYC Fox affiliate WNYW when entering his apartment (the reporter was there to inquire about the gay slurs story).

Now he's gotten into a screaming fit with another local TV news reporter.  When leaving his apartment with his wife Hilaria, she points to a female reporter and said "that's the one that almost hit me."  Apparently Hilaria believed that Fox5 NY's Lindsa Schmidt almost hit her with her microphone Thursday.  Alec then went OFF on the reporter, screaming at her and saying he was going to press assault charges against her.  The cops tried to calm him down to no avail and he and Hilaria eventually drove away.

This video from WNYW Fox5 is NUTS!  Beware, he drops a lot of F-bombs so it's NSFW.  Check it out here

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