Watch Out President Obama: Tareq Salahi Has Eyes On Congress

Posted on October 11th, 2013 at 12:01 pm


Tareq Salahi is trying to go from being an alleged White House party crasher to a regular guest at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

The former star of Real Housewives of DC is still running for governor of Virginia as a write-in candidate. He knows he won't win the election on November 5, but he tells us, "I will swing the election one way or the other with clearly a descent percentage not happy with the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate."

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And, after this race is over, Tareq dropped this bombshell:

 "I am 100 percent moving forward on a US Congressional run for the next cycle! Timing is perfect ... everyone is sick of the current Congress with the government shutdown and it's time for real changes."

Michaele Salahi's former husband says he hasn't decided if he'll run as an Independent, but he revealed, "I view myself as a centrist -- socially moderate and fiscally conservative."

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    1. James says:

      Think the closest he’ll get to this office already occurred when he caught his ex-wife “in congress” with a member of an 80’s band.


    2. Samuel Bronkowitz says:

      From multiple bankruptcies, to charity fraud, to business fraud, to destroying his parent’s business, to destroying everything he has had his hands in he would fit right in Congress.

    3. Johnston Wood says:

      Tareq Salahi for Congress, My vote would be for Tareq! Crash & Change..I VOTE!

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