Was Justin Timberlake’s Runner Runner Movie Poster A Little Too Accurate?

Posted on October 7th, 2013 at 11:44 am


justin7Justin Timberlake has been working hard at being a credible leading man in the movies. With mixed results.

But if his latest film is any indication, audiences aren't interested to see him as a leading man on the silver screen.

Timberlake's gambling drama Runner Runner opened this weekend to less than stellar results.  Well, that's a little kind.  The film's studio was predicting a $10 million opening weekend.  A little on the soft side.  But the film ended up bombing, taking in a paltry $7.6 million.  The film was ravaged by critics, with a terrible 8% rating on critical mass website Rotten Tomatoes.

We have a feeling he knew he had a dud on his hands.  Both Timberlake and co-star Ben Affleck did very few media appearances to promote the film.  But what we've gotta love is the movie's promotional poster featuring a serious looking Timberlake with the tag-line "know when to walk away."  Hopefully Justin realizes people love to hear him sing, and love his SNL appearances.  But maybe it's time to focus on those pursuits these days.

Because the jokes just write themselves with this poster.

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