Usher Warns Justin Bieber: Don’t F*ck Up Your Career

Posted on October 25th, 2013 at 11:47 am

justin1Justin Bieber has been making headlines the last couple years for his bad boy antics. 

From claims he cheated on Selena Gomez, to verbally assaulting photographers, to nightclub fights, and so on, the pop star's image is rapidly going from the sweet teenage idol to the next Chris Brown.

And based on a new sneak peek from the Believe movie, Usher gives The Biebs some very strong words of wisdom.

Ursh warns Justin in the new clip, “When I first met you, I told you, ‘You can have all of this if you believe in it.’ Now it’s happening. Don’t f*ck it up.”

Scooter Braun and Bieber’s mother also gave him some advice in the clip, except their words were all mushy and lovey-dovey. 

Who thinks J.B needs a more "in your face," and "tell it like it is" mentor back in his life? 

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    1. ivan says:

      Fucking up his career is exactly what the gossip sites are trying to do and what they want with their constant focus on his mistakes for hits.

      • Guest says:

        What? Justin is a very public figure. He makes his own choices, and when he CHOOSES to do something rude, ridiculous and disrespectful in public he knows his action will be seen by millions. How is the media at fault for his choices? There are tons of stars that make better decisions because they are simply, better decisions!

        • ivan says:

          An example of what I mean is the hate created toward him by the false report he spat on both a neighbor as will as his fans. He was cleared of the former[the claim he had saliva samples was untrue according to the district attorney in L.A] and witnesses who were in Canada said he did not spit on fans but toward bushes adjacent to the balcony on which he stood with friends. Tmz has been involved in character assassination and that’s not excused by the fact he is a celebrity.

    2. Guest says:

      Too late!

    3. ivan says:

      I laugh at the over the top claims about him; no wonder some may say he’s the next C.B. Nothing can be further from the truth. He never started a fight in any club; where is the arrest record? C.B. has one. He did not cheat on Gomez WHILE WITH HER. Usher’s words could apply to any pop star; and his mother is like the rest exposed to exaggerated or false reports such as so-called spitting incidents[false].

    4. ivan says:

      Regarding photograhers: the reference is principally regarding that moron in London whose vile nasty comments in the video were blacked out by the media causing him to react understandably; even Pierce Morgan defended Justin since he knows how nasty british paps can be. Additionally paps work with gossip sites so naturally guess who they would side with?

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