The Tragically Violent Love Affair Between Christian Chavez & Ben Kruger — Exclusive

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 8:51 am



The love story of realtor Ben Stewart-Kruger and Mexican pop star Christian Chavez is one of the "swept off your feet kind of romances" that we only hear about in movies that turned into a tragic horror film.

For the first time, Ben has provided RumorFix with a detailed account of how he met the telenovela star, how they fell in love and how their love turned into a destructive fireball of anger and violence.

Here's the tale through the eyes of Ben Stewart-Kruger:

In 2011, they met at a holiday party and quickly became inseparable.


A red flag went up a few weeks later at a New Year's Eve party when the happy couple was at a gay bar and someone groped Ben. "Another man at the club grabbed me inappropriately, and Christian threw him into a wall," Ben tells us.

Soon thereafter, Ben realized that since Christian was first openly gay Latin American artist. Advertisers threatened to pull money off TV shows, radio shows or magazines that interviewed him, so he started experiencing financial hardship.

In the middle of 2012, Christian got insomnia "and I later learned that he was abusing drugs during this time," Ben says. "He had episodes of extreme anger, and he seemed to attribute many of his problems to me, even though I had absolutely nothing to do with them."

The realtor tried unsuccessfully to stage an intervention.


One day, Ben says Christian was so troubled he even tried to jump off the balcony of their fifth-floor penthouse in Beverly Hills. The cops came and closed off the streets. Christian -- the master actor -- convinced police that he was OK and he accused Ben of being "mentally unstable" causing them to investigate the filing of a false police report.

By February, Christian started accusing Ben of cheating and he was getting physically violent, Ben claims. Ben hid out at his sister's house while Christian allegedly threw a cinder block through the skylight of their apartment. "My apartment was in complete chaos. It looked like a crime scene with glass everywhere," Ben tells us.

"After the skylight incident, I knew I had to get out of the relationship. His mood swings and jealousy had turned to rage and violence, and I was the one being blamed for his failing career. I wasn’t safe," Ben says.

But Ben found himself becoming codependent, he couldn't walk away himself -- so he devised a plan to make Christian and his management want to break away. He tweeted a picture of Christian in drag -- hoping that would anger the Mexican star enough to break up. "For whatever reason, he wouldn’t leave," Ben says.


"Over the next month, Christian would sleep almost all day. In the evening he would leave our apartment around 9 p.m. saying he was going for a quick walk," Ben reveals. "He would come back the next morning about 10 a.m., physically exhausted and with blood and blisters all over his feet. Each night, he was walking all over Los Angeles… 10 plus hours of straight walking … 15, 20 miles … maybe more. One evening he was actually mugged and beaten during one of his bizarre night walks. I will probably never know what Christian was really doing when he left. All I know is that whatever it was, it wasn’t good. The self-mutilation was disturbing. The lack of sleep made him hallucinate and emotionally unstable. "

By April, Ben began getting depressed and cut off from the world and he says Christian confessed to abusing a stimulant drug.

"The amount of the drug he was taking was so extreme it was causing him massive anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. It was also the reason he was unable to sleep and the reason he was going out for lengthy walks that injured himself," Ben says.   

Finally when Ben asked Christian to move out, his former lover made him abide by California tenant laws by giving him 30 day notice.

"Day 30 was April 30, 2013, the day we were both arrested. He’d made no conscious effort to relocate in the 30 days ... I told him he could spend that night in the apartment. We would each stay in different rooms, and the next day (May 1) I would help him move out," Ben explains.

Christian was pacing around the apartment and Ben asked why?

He allegedly replied, “'Plotting my revenge!'” (Referring to the photo I had uploaded). I asked what he meant. 'Oh, don’t worry. You won’t be alive to see it,' he replied."

"I said, 'Enough, Christian. We’re going to bed.  Enough.'  I turned off the light and awoke minutes later to find him hovering over me with an iPhone in his hand. The flashlight on the phone was on my face and he appeared to be recording a video. He was narrating to the camera, talking about faults with my face and looks. It seemed as if he was going to upload the video online to humiliate me. I instinctively grabbed for the phone and threw it off the bed. The phone hit the bedroom door which was a few feet from the bed.  The screen broke. Nervous about how he would react, I said: 'Christian, I’ll buy you a new phone in the morning. First thing we’ll do tomorrow is replace it. Just stop. Go to bed! This is ridiculous.'  Christian became angry and said, 'No, now your phone needs to be broken!'

"I  became extremely scared as I saw him transition from anger to rage. I was still lying with my back on the bed, and I put the phone between my back and the mattress. He walked around the bed to my side, climbed over me, and tried to grab for the phone. He couldn’t reach it. Straddling me, he then put his hands around my neck. I suddenly realized that I was in extreme danger. Never before had he been this physical or looked so angry.

"I succeeded in getting him off of me. We tackled each other to the floor and I broke free. I ran out of the bedroom.  He shattered a vase on the back of my head as I ran from the room. I made it to the bathroom where I locked the door and dialed 911. I heard Christian scream 'I’m going to f***ing kill you!' He had a knife from the knife block in the kitchen. He then started charging the bathroom door in an attempt to get in the bathroom. I was trapped in there naked."

Ben called 911.

"Christian then took his phone, dialed 911 and said that he was in the apartment with me and that I was making a false 911 call claiming he had a knife. I couldn’t believe it!" Ben tells us incredulously.

Police arrived and because of the conflicting stories and because they both had visible injuries, they both were arrested and charged with domestic violence.

At 3:30 a.m. on the morning of May 1, a judge granted Ben an emergency protective order against Christian. And the Beverly Hills realtor even had to hire security to protect himself from Christian's fans.

Ben says he has chosen to go public with his story now -- five months after the incident -- because of Christian's recent suicide attempt. Ben says, "The public is starting to see the extent of Christian’s mental instability and his ruthless tactics to remain relevant at a time when the spotlight on him is fading."

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    1. Hap says:

      Why doesn’t anyone ask the question of who took the photos of Christian laying on the floor with his eyes shut and his wrists cut? Answer: Christian himself! Who does that?!! Only someone who needs some serious psychiatric help. Obviously he was trying to seek attention – any type of attention. He is his own worst enemy. He can’t blame everything that has happened to him on someone else. We are all responsible for our own happiness. He had money. He lost it all. Now he’s broke with no career.

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