The Lowdown On Kim Kardashian’s Tragic Oversized Coats

Posted on October 2nd, 2013 at 10:52 am


kimmy1Kim Kardashian has long prided herself as a fashionista, one who rarely wears the same outfit twice.

But we couldn't help but notice nearly every time she steps out lately, she's wearing a huge, oversized full length coat. Even when it's 71 degrees outside.

Two coats in particular have been the worst repeat offenders, both worn all over New York, Los Angeles and now throughout the past week in Paris.

We've done some checking and tracked down the two main culprits.  The horribly ill-fitting tan coat is from MaxMara.  The "Manuela" camel hair coat retails for nearly $1500 and is intended to be oversized.  But on tiny Kim's 5'3" frame, it swallows her up.

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Her other giant coat is from Celine.  The rose-pink coat is also meant to be oversized and is from their fall 2013 collection and is pretty much sold out worldwide.  It retailed for around $6K.  And again, on the runway it looked great on a pin-thin six foot tall model.  On tiny Kim, it looks like a giant bathrobe.

We thought the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was hiding her post baby body in these frumpy looks but she's proven this week she's got her famous hourglass figure back

Kim - ditch these coats and get something fitted and chic!kimmy2

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