RumorFix Uncovers Truth Behind Real Housewives Of New Jersey Finale Fight

Posted on October 16th, 2013 at 4:50 pm

RHONJ1At the end the latest Real Housewives of New Jersey series a huge fight broke out at the launch of Kim DePaola's 'Porsche 2'.

The fight seemingly ignites over Penny Drosso's husband Johnny Karagiorgis alleged comments over Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita's son.

But after the fight viewers see Caroline Manzo scream: "Are you happy? Are you happy what you did to a family ? I want my family out of here!"

Although these remarks appear to be directed at Kim DePaola RumorFix has learned differently from a well placed source.

They revealed: "Caroline was actually screaming at Penny accusing her of being the instigator in Teresa's family problems.

"Penny responded by claiming Manzo's husband, Albert, was a cheater and that was the point that Caroline started screaming to get her family out."

According to our source crafty producers at Bravo had been wanting Penny to confront Caroline all season, however, she had refused, so, they were thrilled with the confrontation.

This would make sense as it would have been convenient editing by the network and also by the fact that Albert may have cheated during their marriage which was alluded to in Caroline's recent book.

She previously said: "I know the man I married - he's a good man. But he's a man ... if Al cheated on me 25 years ago, one night, that was then and this is now ... you can't throw away your marriage for the sake of a one night stand."

The season ending was a convenient way to both break the news and tease the viewers - while at least Caroline can be seen as being protective of her family during the blow-out.

More importantly, it makes for some juicy material for the next season of the popular reality show.

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