Richie Nuzzolese: I Caught Britney Spears Staring At Me On Work B**ch Video

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 7:10 am


Richie Nuzzolese has the pleasure of being the only male model to be in a Britney Spears and Katy Perry music video.

"I never thought after Katy Perry that I would do something bigger than that or with a bigger artist," the 23-year-old hunk tells RumorFix exclusively referring to his appearance in Katy's Last Friday Night video.


But then Richie was one of only two men cast in Britney's Work B**ch video. "Britney was very sweet and thanked everybody for being part of her video," he said. The model of Italian and Russian descent says when he came on set, he tried several shirts on but the director didn't like any of them -- instead they went with the shirtless look.

"I was only a couple feet from Britney -- I definitely caught her staring at me!" he adds.


So how different are the two pop stars?

"Katy was more open -- naturally funny," he says. "Last Friday Night was a huge party, she brought that vibe totally."

As for Britney's video, he says, "This one was more serious -- sexy, seductive so there wasn't as much laughing going on."

After being in the two high profile videos, the model/dancer/actor has high hopes, "I remember Channing Tatum being in the background of a Rick Martin video."

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