Pauly D Leaked Custody Story After Requesting Confidentiality Agreement, Says Amanda Markert

Posted on October 31st, 2013 at 4:30 am
Exclusive djpaulydinternship11Before news hit the web that Pauly D was the father of a five-month-old girl, RumorFix has learned the DJ allegedly went to desperate measures in order to keep the story from being leaked, but his plan backfired. The mother of his daughter, Amanda Markert, reveals to RumorFix exclusively that, two weeks before the story broke, the former Jersey Shore star tried to have Markert sign a confidentiality agreement. However, the mother-of-two tells us she saw no point in the agreement since she had absolutely no intention of selling the story anyways in order to protect her daughter and also out of fear that her name would be ruined. RELATED: Pauly D Requests To Take Daughter To Las Vegas For Two Weeks  Soon after the paternity test proved he was baby Amabella's daddy, Delvecchio scrambled to keep his baby mama quiet, Amanda dishes, "Pauly tried to have me sign a confidentiality agreement so I wouldn't be able to talk about the case or him being the father." To Pauly's dismay, Markert declined to sign the agreement because she saw no need for it, telling RumorFix, "I said I didn't want to go to the media because I wanted to keep my daughter out of it and I knew going to the media would ruin my life," adding that she especially didn't want to sign anything that could ever be used against her for any reason. PICTURES: MEET PAULY D’S BABY AMABELLA "I turned it [confidentiality agreement] down only because if anything ever came out some how I would be sued--even though I was never planning on going to the media, I just didn't want to sign something that could ever be used against me for any reason," Markert tells us. But things didn't go as planned. Since she wouldn't sign the agreement, Pauly ended up turning around and leaking the story himself, says Amanda. "Since I wouldn't sign the confidentiality agreement maybe he thought I was going to sell the story so I guess he thought, before I did that, he wanted to go out and get a good image for himself before anything," when in reality going to the media was the last thing she ever wanted, Amanda says. A Spokesperson for Pauly D tells RumorFix, "Paul was trying to handle his custody case privately without exposing his child to a media frenzy. When Ms. Markert requested money for confidentiality, it became clear then what her intentions were."

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    1. Buffy says:

      Somehow I believe the mother. I can totally see Pauly D turning it back on her like Katie Holmes pulled on Tom Cruise.

    2. Dawn Kaplan-Taylor says:

      Through the whole pregnancy and 5 months after that- no one knew but our family, close friends, and Pauly. As soon as he found out- it somehow(him) got to the public.

    3. stop taking pix amanda fea says:

      I think she likes the attention. Why else have unprotected sex with a celebrity? Hey south park we now know what muff cabbage is! gross woman :/ poor baby.

    4. Dawn Kaplan-Taylor says:

      She didnt ask for money. He offered it and she turned I down.

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