Pauly D Files Request To Take Daughter To Las Vegas For Two Weeks –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on October 30th, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Untitled-2When Pauly D said last week that he wanted to see his daughter, boy was he serious!

RumorFix has learned exclusively that the DJ made an attempt on Tuesday to take baby Amabella back to Las Vegas with him -- for two weeks!

Amanda Markert, the mother of Pauly's child, tells RumorFix exclusively that Pauly's lawyer sent a request to her attorney for him to pick up the five-month-old on Wednesday and return her November 13. Markert reveals, "Pauly wanted to pick up my daughter and keep her for two weeks, not even giving me specific locations or anything. They didn't even bother to ask if I'm breast feeding, what her diet is, or anything like that! All the request said is that Pauly wants to pick up Amabella tomorrow and he'll return her November 13."


Although Amanda denied Pauly's request, she did confirm the door is still open for him to come meet Amabella and get to know her whenever he wants. Until then, Amanda says, she will not allow him to take her daughter.

Amanda fears her decision to turn down the request will reflect poorly on her, as she believes the media will now say she's continuing to deny Pauly rights to his child, when really she's just "doing what any mother would do" in this situation.

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There was a briefing on Wednesday to determine where the custody hearings will take place. Pauly's attorneys are fighting for the Nevada jurisdiction to take over the case, while Amanda wants the case to play out in her home state of New Jersey. The two parties have not yet been informed which jurisdiction will be taking over the case.

According to Markert, Pauly is fighting for sole custody of his daughter Amabella in Nevada.

A spokesperson for Pauly tells RumorFix, "Paul and his entire family are eager to meet and spend time with Paul’s daughter.  Paul has been requesting visitation for quite some time now, but his requests have either gone unresponded to or denied. He and his family are committed to being a significant part of his daughter’s life and are excited to make that a reality," the spokesperson also adds that Pauly never said he planned on taking the child to Las Vegas as he did not give a specific location.

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    1. Michael says:

      Even though I think Pauly was the most inelegant of all the Jerzey Shore cast-mates, I wouldn’t allow him to take such a young child to Vegas by himself either. I’m sure he has a entourage who go with him, but they are not family.

    2. Dawn Kaplan-Taylor says:

      You cant take a 5 month old away from her mom for two weeks.

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