Northwest Airlines Turns To Kim Kardashian’s Baby To Boost Ticket Sales –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on October 18th, 2013 at 12:59 pm

bannerKim Kardashian's baby daughter is already building her brand under the Kardashian matriarch.

The four-month-old has inspired Kim and Kanye to look into designing a children's clothing line, while top designers like Givenchy and Alexander Wang have custom made garments for little Nori. And while we're sure everyone has the child's best interest at heart, we'd be silly to believe their not also using Nori for their own personal gain as well.

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North West shares the same name as lagging air company Northwest Airlines which was absorbed by Delta in a 2008 merger. And what better way to boost business?! Send little North West a gift basket!

RumorFix' Kardashian insider tells us exclusively that the airline "sent the baby tons of stuff since they share the same name," adding that the business gifted the child "promotional stuff but nothing fancy." Some of the goodies in the swag bag included super exciting things like water bottles and T-shirts.

We're not sure how useful this move is for the Kardashian Klan or Northwest Airlines, but hey, we gotta hand it to NWA because it was worth a try!

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    1. Michael says:

      I would say I can’t believe they are already whoring out their infant daughter, but I’d be lying. I’m not surprised, Kim did learn from the best, her own mother.

    2. Kat says:

      There isn’t any Northwest Airlines anymore! Been gone for almost 4 yrs. Stories that make you go hmmmmmmm

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