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NEW DETAILS: Is This The Photo Of The Day Baby Mama Amanda Markert Hooked Up With Pauly D?

Posted on October 23rd, 2013 at 11:15 am
Still A Rumor

amabella11Amanda Markert’s instagram features tons of photos of her adorable daughter Amabella, who is approximately months old.

And waaaay back in the photos is a photo of Pauly D DJ’ing at a poolside event at Las Vegas’ Rehab, Sin City’s most epic pool party.


The photo has no caption but it is from 14 months ago when she was working at the event.

That would fit the timeline of their alleged one night stand that has resulted in a daughter, which the former Jersey Shore star confirmed on Tuesday.  She was a bikini-clad bottle service attendant who gave “champagne showers” at Rehab Las Vegas on the day that Pauly D DJ’ed there.

She even included a photo with Pauly D’s manager and bodyguard Big Jerry so we know she got in the inside circle of Pauly D.amabella13amabella12

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    • Guest

      Um, approximately ? months old?

    • Dawn Kaplan-Taylor

      Shes 5 months. She was on vacation. They asked her to come on stage. She has been friendswith big Jerrys( the body guard) girlfriend for years. So do you really think Amanda And Pauly met that day. Thsts not true. He also was a dj at the Pool at Harrahs where she worked over a year. And you think they met that day. Seriously people.

    • LOL

      the baby looks slight Down’s or Asian