NeNe Leakes Smashes Bottle Over Bravo Producer’s Head Then Flees?

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 12:05 pm
Still A Rumor

Nene Leakes Gets Her Nails DoneWherever NeNe goes, drama is sure to follow!

In a recent post on MediaTakeOut, the website claims NeNe assualted a Bravo producer during an Atlanta charity baseball game.

"NeNe Leakes assaulted a Bravo producer with a bottle, and then FLED THE SCENE. It's not clear whether law enforcement officials have TAKEN HER INTO CUSTODY," an MTO source dishes,  "NeNe and her former friend Marlo began ARGUING HEATEDLY at an Atlanta charity baseball game. At one point a producer from the Atlanta Housewives tried to come between the ladies and get the situation under control. That's when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. . .NeNe told him, 'I made you . . . you will NOT disrespect me then NeNe went upside his head with a bottle . . .The male producer was shaken up after getting his HEAD CRACKED, an before he was able to call for help, NeNe GOT OUTTA THERE."

Sounds pretty intense!

Do you buy it? RumorFix has calls out to our sources and NeNe's rep for confirmation.

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    1. ANN says:

      sounds like Nene has let fame and fortune go
      to her head, Hell Nene, what were you before all this, guess you cant take the ghetto out of the girl GET REAL

    2. Michelle92010 says:

      I highly doubt this is true… Stop spreading gossip.

    3. madison says:

      You cant believe everything MTO writes they are about 45% accurate. If its true Greg doesnt have to sign a prenup they both have to sign a job application.

    4. Pinkie31 says:

      Omg !! Nene is lost it big time this is by far just Dammm crazy now throwing a bottle at a Bravo PR wow I can’t believe this now, Nene done lost her mind I hope PR is ok .

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