Myla Sinanaj After Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 at 5:59 pm


Myla Sinanaj wants Kim Kardashian's life so much that she was willing to get $30,000 in plastic surgery to look like her.

PICTURES: Myla Sinanaj Gets A Lap Dance From Sydney Leathers

The results are amazing.


Myla, who once dated Kris Humphries and crushed on Ray J, got a boob job, liposuction and lip injections to look like the Kardashian princess.

She even starred in a porn just like her look-a-like. Myla's is called Myla Sinanaj—The Anti Kim XXX

And like Kim, she wants her on TV show, but she wants to be a host not a reality star.


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    1. Diane says:

      no and that’s pretty sad to try to look like someone else. hope she gets help, that’s some bad self esteem issue.

    2. KarenG says:

      Hmmm, she’s shaped like a football player (very blocky). No way does she look like Kim. Kim has soft FIRM features (even if they are fake). She just looks busted but she
      does look like a better version of renee graziano so uhh there’s that. Maybe she should have friends who care enough to tell her to stop sipping on stupid.

    3. therobfather says:

      she look like that girl rumor willis with long hair or a tranny. my boys saw her porn and said she was sloppy fat and breathing like a old milf with emphysema

    4. marie b says:

      sorry, I don’t see it. She can’t compare to Kim. I still think she needs to lose a lot of weight through diet and exercise to lose fat, tone up and get fit/healthy.
      Lipo is not a substitute for diet and exercise.

    5. Simone says:

      LOL it was successful if she was tying to look like a fat whale but not like Kim K. This chick needs to get her money back and go seek therapy, and Kim needs to get a restraining order.

    6. Synthia Rose says:

      This woman has such low self-esteem. Is she psycho? One minute she hates Kim and is aligning with Humphries to disparage her and then the next minute she’s trying to be Kim’s carbon copy — and failing. It’s really sad. She believes in this fame culture so much, she seems to have lost her sense of self.

    7. Yasmin T says:

      no resemblance to Kim K except for long dark hair. And even this person has dark stringy boxed hair-dye hair. She looks really cheap and still very overweight. I think her best bet is to get healthy- eat healthy and exercise. Maybe she is lazy and wanted the easy way to get a great physique- unfortunately, she has to do so much more. Plastic surgery can’t by self-esteem or happiness. What does she have to offer to make her famous? Obviously, her porno did nothing for her career and i doubt this plastic surgery will. There are way too many beautiful girls trying to get famous, she has too much competition. I think she will just keep resorting to making appearances and strip clubs and giving interviews to no-name radio shows.
      It’s funny but also sad, she is doing anything to get famous and can’t even get to “Z-list” status.LMAO

    8. mike says:

      There is no way. She looks great, even with that junk all over. But as soon as she opens her mouth, big turn off. That NYC trashy gutter dialect, accent, and voice. Hang it up. Nails on a black board.

    9. Danielle says:

      I feel sorry for her. She seems a bit psycho to want someone else’s life so badly… but, then turn around and denounce that person. She needs help and a college abomination application, ASAP.

    10. Danielle says:

      College application*

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