Michael Lohan On Gavin Doyle, Lindsay Lohan Reunion: I Have To Protect My Daughter

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 2:44 pm

lindsaylo1So much for Lindsay Lohan's "toxic list" of friends she promised to cut out of her life, right?

The starlet was spotted hanging out with Gavin Doyle, whom she has gotten into some major trouble with in the past. LiLo was photographed with the bad news boy leaving NYC restaurant Lure Friday night.

But papa Lohan may save the day. Michael Lohan is far from thrilled about his daughter's reunion, telling RumorFix exclusively, "I have warned Gavin Doyle time and time again to stay away from Lindsay. He was always the one to weasle himself into her life at her most vunerable state. While I have confidence in Lindsay,  I don't in Gavin. He is an addict, alcoholic and a known drug dealer. People, places and things mean more than you know. And if Lindsay doesnt know it, what I DO know, is its been a long road and a father has to protect his daughter."

You tell 'em, MiLo!

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    1. Samantha Jade France says:

      I hope Mickael will say to Gavin to stay away from Lindsay. She’s doing so good. I would be very sad if she’s going down again. She’s such a talented person 🙁

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