Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Drink Wine — She’s Doing Well In Her Sobriety, Says Dad

Posted on October 24th, 2013 at 5:42 pm


A picture on TMZ of Lindsay Lohan appearing to be reaching for a bottle of wine has created rumors that the newly rehabbed star may have gone off the wagon, but her dad says it's not true.

Michael Lohan tells RumorFix exclusively, "I think it's nonsense. First of all, I have never known Lindsay to ever drink wine."

He continues, "Secondly from what I understand she was just reaching for her pocketbook and keys."

Lindsay's dad says the picture which was taken from outside a private residence "should be against the law."

 Nonetheless, he adds, "As far as I'm concerned, my daughter is doing very well in her sobriety."

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    1. Lisa says:

      Um, rumor NOT fixed! Of course Milo is going to lie, otherwise he won’t get paid for his stint on the OWN docu-series. Hire someone to do a little research on Twitter. She’s been partying since the first week she left rehab!

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