LeAnn Rimes Puts The Big Squeeze On Brandi Glanville’s Sons, In Front of Brandi

Posted on October 13th, 2013 at 8:13 pm

FFN_Glanville_Rimes_Cibrian_BAC_101213_51231869editedReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has made it known how much it hurts her that LeAnn Rimes is inserting herself as a mother figure into her sons Mason and Jake's lives.

And ever since that confession, it seems LeAnn has gone overboard on the sticky-sweet tweets about spending time with the kids, and on Sunday giving love and kisses to the boys in FULL VIEW of their mom Brandi.

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Eddie Cibrian, Brandi and LeAnn all attended the kids soccer game and Brandi had to watch LeAnn play the doting stepmom to her sons right in front of her.

Maybe Brandi shouldn't have revealed how much that hurts her. LeAnn really seems to be pouring it on...especially when the paparazzi are around.FFN_Glanville_Rimes_Cibrian_BAC_101213_51231862edited

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    1. rrmms says:

      She makes a point of doing lots and lots of PDA with EC in front of Brandi too! Can we say TACKY??? Anything to hurt B, that’s her one and only goal!!

    2. JrCrockPot says:

      Rather than just being supportive person in the children’s life LeAnn has to do something to bring attention to herself, and if she can do it at the expense of hurting their Mother she is going to do it every time. Very disrespectful and unkind to say the least. However, Brandi said today when she was asked that there were no problems at the soccer match this weekend. Also, again when she asked about the above picture of Eddie pointing, she said he was pointing to an ice cream truck that was behind her.

    3. pash says:

      It’s all about her…and bless her heart..she’s ugly as hell…

    4. Lola Mouse says:

      Rimes is such a POS. Rather than feel pity, everyone will be LOL when Cibrian dumps her FUG ass. And we all know that’s coming!

    5. Linda Moore says:

      I’m certainly not a big fan of Brandi’s but what LeAnn is doing is just plain cruel! You can love your stepsons, that’s fine, but don’t flaunt it in front of their mother. Been there and it really hurts!! Shame on her!!

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