Lady Gaga Follows Kim Kardashian With Racy Derriere Twitter Pic

Posted on October 19th, 2013 at 10:59 am

Screen-shot-2013-10-19-at-10.34It's not only Kim Kardashian who is proud of her curves.

Lady Gaga gave her over 40 million Twitter followers a glimpse of her own curvy backside crammed into a floral thong with her blonde tresses falling down her back.

With the racy image Gaga tweeted: "Official Do What U Want Feat @RKelly Cover Art. Song Available this Monday 12:01 am!"

In another pic the controversial 27-year-old performer revealed the cover for her new album ArtPop where she sat naked behind a large blue glitter ball.

The Poker Face singer has been working with pop artist Jeff Koons to help re-vamp her image.

 ArtPop is scheduled to be released on November 11.



    • GUEST

      You go girl!

      • LoLo

        Just like straight hair, blonde weave, light skin, & skinny noses are popular in the black race.

        • GUEST

          That is why it is going to be a brown world…..LOL!

          • LoLo

            yes, everyone will be swirly & beautiful.

    • LoLo

      Gaga has to resort to these types of pics & attention to her body because her face is not good.

      • GUEST

        Sex sales!!!!