Kristen Johnston’s War With Boutique Kitson Takes A Very Nasty Turn

Posted on October 7th, 2013 at 1:45 pm

kitson1The feud between LA boutique Kitson and actress Kristen Johnston has taken a very ugly turn. kiston2

As RumorFix told you back in August, the former Third Rock From The Sun star was furious with Kitson for selling a line of jerseys with the labels of popular - and often abused pharmaceutical drugs Xanax, Adderall and Vicodin.  The recoving addict took the shop to task, getting into a Twitter war with them for glorifying drug abuse.  But Kitson defended the shirts and said "bully those directly responsible for the drug situation in America: Drug dealers. Not Kitson."

Now this was has literally gotten personal between the actress and the store. Kitson is now advertising that purchasers of the shirts will get a free copy of her memoir Guts, which explores her years of drug abuse and subsequent recovery.

Kristen has fired back on Twitter "I've never been so furious. This f#cking t-shirt bullsh#t is making my head spin off. @KitsonLA you should be ashamed of your sad selves"  and "boycott @KitsonLA. A stupid, classless store run by stupid, classless people."  She then added that she was contacting her attorney about the matter but the boutique fired back that they bought the books from the publisher, who they already had a relationship with.

This fight is going to get very ugly.

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    1. Erin says:

      What kind of trash would actually buy a t-shirt with the name of a prescription drug on it?
      Low blow of the company to offer free copies of the book, not to spread the message of drug abuse, but to piss off the author. Stupidity at its finest… ‘Murica!

    2. Trinity says:

      Way to advertise your boutique right out of business! What they did is nasty, childish and cruel ! Do they seriously think that was a smart idea??! And doing right before the holiday season starts….not that I would EVER consider buying those trashy jerseys!

      Won’t get my business !

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