Kim Kardashian Tell All Book In The Works By Kris Humphries’ Ex

Posted on October 28th, 2013 at 7:59 am


Kris Humphries‘ ex, Myla Sinanaj, is writing a tell-all book about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- and sources say it's going to be nasty, RumorFix has confirmed.

Myla is obsessed with Kim -- she even had plastic surgery to make herself look more like the reality mogul.

The tabloid princess experienced the Kardashian machine first-hand when she was deposed during Kim's bitter divorce with Kris and sources tell us she will include legal documents, subpoenas and even Kim's wedding invitation in the  book.

Myla, who claims she had several encounters with Kim throughout the years, accuses the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star with being a "serial cheater" detailing an alleged encounter with Kanye West while she was dating Reggie Bush.

And Kanye is also attacked in the new book. A source tells RumorFix, "Kim used to bash Kanye all the time back in the day." A publisher of the book has not been identified yet.

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    1. Trickanomics says:

      She’s trying to get paid riding on Kim’s back. Get a life and move on trick and get a job. She better be careful Kris will destroy her.

    2. MB says:

      Does this young woman have anything going for herself besides talking about Kim Kardashian? Myla clearly wants the spotlight, however, all she does is talk about Kim Kardashian. So people are not interested in Myla.

    3. bellawings says:

      Obviously, Albanian is the new ghett0.

      I can’t stand the kardashians but giving attention to someone wanting
      to get rich off the backs of another wh0re can only be accomplished by a
      bigger wh0re. Her 15 minutes were up over a year ago but she can’t read
      the hands on the clock.

      She knows what shes doing by hanging on to Kim. Firstly, she can’t
      survive without Kim or Kris H b/c without either of them, WHO DA PH-U.CK

      Secondly, even the smallest of microscopic beings with no absolutely
      no brain understand if u destroy the host, the parasite shrivels up and
      dies, too. At least she’s evolved enough to know this… so she
      belittles and uplifts Kim at the same time in order to become
      relevant… SAD.

      Lastly, we are suppose to be interested in a book by a b00ty call
      girl who molds herself after a reality wh0re and takes it up the bhutt by
      a random dude w/out protection because WHY AGAIN?

      Please KRIS JENNER, CATAPULT this trick into oblivion and then go into hiding, as well.

      • MB says:

        Attaching herself to Kim isn’t working for her. Someone is trying to convince Myla that she is going to make it (probably her manager), I don’t think she realizes in today’s media infested world that people know exactly what she is trying to do and the media is not interested in Myla. What’s sad about all of this is that she is really making a fool out of herself. This delusional young woman is Kim’s biggest fan.

    4. Shayna says:

      You have the fat girl complex. what a fat slob you are. Myla, do you have anything going for yourself? Do you sing, act, anything? do you not have anything going for yourself besides attempting to ride off of someone else’s fame? No one cares who you are, you need to go to the gym and improve your body AND see a shrink to fix your mental problems.Did you not realized that even after your futile attempt at a skin flick, that it still did not launch you into superstardom like Kim K? And you call yourself a “designer”? and a “singer”? and a “model” ahahahahahahaha, we are all laughing at you, you are so pathetic.
      Get your own self identity, you rely too much on trying to be like Kim K, but really you are a broke wannabe from Jersey.

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