Katy Perry Accused Of Using Tortured Elephant In ‘Roar’ Video

Posted on October 10th, 2013 at 9:38 am


Katy Perry's music video for "Roar" is being accused of featuring an elephant from Zimbabwe that was "most likely bound and beaten in order to make her perform," RumorFix is reporting.

The elephant, whose name is Suzy, is a member of a threatened species from Africa and Oscar-nominated wildlife documentarian Chris Palmer writes in an op-ed piece in the New York Daily News, "Elephants don't like loud noises, bright lights or hectic sets with dozens of people running around."

Palmer, who is backed by PETA, writes that Suzy "was violently captured from her free-roaming herd in Zimbabwe when she was 2 years old and shipped to the U.S., where she was most likely bound and beaten in order to make her perform without complaint."

Palmer says Katy has a history of misusing elephants: "The reason I'm singling out Katy is because this isn't her first time making a mockery of these highly intelligent animals—earlier, she had made her grand entrance at a gossip blogger’s birthday party riding on the back of an elephant."

Katy's people are saying no animals were harmed on the set.


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    1. Kerry_Foster says:

      “Without complaint.”? OK, who was on that set? Any of them got complaints? Seriously folks, these critters weigh tons not pounds, more than an order of magnitude more than any human. In big fish, when the elephant was taking a dump while the star was waxing poetic? That wasn’t in the script, that was the elephants idea. Read “Cue the elephant” to get an idea how obedient they are or their antics in The quest for fire. If someone who was on the set says Suzy was abused then OK, someone should get fined, otherwise, What I want to know is who’s idea was it for Suzy to hold the towel to high for Katy to reach? Maybe Suzy?

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