Kathy Wakile Did NOT Bring Johnny Karagiorgis And Penny Drossos On Real Housewives of New Jersey — Exclusive

Posted on October 6th, 2013 at 12:42 pm


Johnny "The Greek" Karagiorgis and his wife Penny Drossos have been lightening rods on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, so cast members and  fans are finger pointing to see who is to blame.

The biggest rumor: Kathy Wakile brought them in because she was a friend of Johnny's niece, Margio Mihalos.

But Johnny Karagiorgis is going on record with RumorFix. He tells our Mr. Real Housewife exclusively, "This is not true. It's sad that people fabricate what they assume is the truth. PR is my niece's job and I respect her for not taking sides. In her business, she needs to be neutral and I understand that, but I'm not friends with all of her friends, as she's not friends with all of mine."

He continues, "We might know of each others friends, but that doesn't mean we're also friends. I admire my niece and all of the things she has accomplished. She is far beyond her years in the amount she has managed to accomplish so far, but these rumors need to stop. We are not friends with the Wakiles and never were, and they did not bring us on the show."

There you have it- rumor fixed!

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    1. Amanda Dixon says:

      she looks better her than ever.

    2. Layla00 says:

      But wait, he left out the part where his nephew is dating the Wakile’s daughter. This has nothing to do with his niece. They claim they don’t know him. How did Victoria meet Johnny’s nephew? This is way to coincidental. I don’t believe in accidents like this, sorry Charlie.

    3. Alexandria Brown says:

      Kathy didn’t bring them on the show but she knew who johnny and penny were. She claim she never heard of the two. Which we all know is a lie.

      Victoria could have been feeding them info for all we know. Nobody hands are clean.

    4. Joanne says:

      Seriously?? Kathy said in a talking head interview “Who are these people? They are like Cockroaches. You kill one, and another comes out.”

      And she KNEW these people? Can she be any more two faced? Glad she got downgraded to “friend status”.

      • Janice says:

        Right! And Marigo does take sides. Melissa’s side. She is all of their friends, not just Kathy’s. There is more to Marigo than meets the eye. Look at her twitter. Look at her photos. Can’t believe she is related to Johnny.

    5. Ally says:

      Which is it Richie and Kathy? You want us to believe these people are liars, but NOW you want us to believe they are telling the truth?

    6. rc says:

      i think the issue was the Wakiles saying they knew nothing about them, when in reality the greeks neice is VERY good friends with them. Plus I think she clearly takes the side of the Wakiles – how could she allow them to talk so much trash about her uncle and still stand by them? smh

    7. Tess Abraham Lincoln says:

      Whatever you say Kat. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    8. CiaoBella! says:

      Rumor fixed? The damage is already there. Her name will always be associated with fame hungry losers with no talent who will do anything to be on TV.

    9. yahoo says:

      It’s too bad Kim Richards & Kathy don’t have their own show, it could be called “The most boring women on TV”………………………..

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