Justin Bieber: Welcome To The Gun Show

Posted on October 10th, 2013 at 10:03 am


 No one takes more shirtless selfies than Justin Bieber.

And while the teen idol has always been lean, he hasn't always been ripped.

But, in a new selfie that the 19-year-old Instagramed on Wednesday -- the guy's got a gun show!

He posed next to the man responsible -- his personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson.

Patrick tells Newsday that he trains with Justin 40 minutes five days as week. "His chest and shoulders -- we need to build those up. It's all about looks," Patrick admits.

As for Justin's diet, Patrick says he can eat whatever he wants. "It’s more about making sure he eats. He’s the only client I allow to have McDonald’s whenever he wants. But he also likes chicken breast, whitefish, salmon, turkey, steak, rice, mashed and regular potatoes and weird greens like cauliflower.”

Look at the difference in just three months.


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      Poor thing looks beyond stupid

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