Johnny Depp Is Gaunt And Blond While Out With Amber Heard

Posted on October 25th, 2013 at 8:07 am

Johnny Depp changes looks often for his wide range of film roles. And his current one is no different.

The 50-year-old superstar has gone blond for his latest role.  He's playing the Wolf in the film adaptation of the Broadway show Into The Woods.

His gaunt features appear to show he's also lost some weight for the film.

The star-studded film  is currently shooting in England, where Johnny was spotted on a rare public date with girlfriend, his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard on Thursday night.

They say blondes have more fun, looks like Johnny certainly is with is current lady.depp1

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    1. Guest says:

      Wow! She’s like 26 yrs younger! I don’t get it.

    2. sumera says:

      I am totally shocked. He looks too young. Amazing

    3. quirk says:

      I still don’t buy it. They never look happy Ever! I honestly believe they are just friends. He acts nothing with Amber as he has all throughout all of his other relationships. -hugging, kissing, nothing.They are spotted together months apart. I personally believe its a Hollywood temp hook up to help both of their careers. If you believe different great. but I see a man leading a woman around like a friend. Never have they been seen kissing, embracing, or even walking together happily. Sorry, age has nothing to do about this. Again, depp is followed 24/7 and all they ever get is him walking 3 feet in front of her. This is nothing but a ploy.

    4. Quirk says:

      By the way, even if they are dating, I seriously believe it’s friends with benefits. They are working close together in London and haven’t been seen together since august. not a very “in love” thing to do at all, doubly so because he has cameras all over him all of the time.

      All they seem to be doing are going to occasional events together to keep people reading the magazines. Oh! Depp and Heard were also in Scott’s with Elton john and many other celebrities. AKA it was another event and Depp hates going to those without a date be it friend or lover.

      This couple never does anything romantic. They were at a social gathering. On top of everything else No one has confirmed their dating save for the tabloids. Neither has anyone has any kind of picture of them being romantic. She always look as though she wants to get away and he looks sad all the time unless he is by himself. I don’t even understand why everyone thinks they are dating because they would have opened up about it AFTER 2 SUPPOSED YEARS TOGETHER. That’s how Johnny works. Any fan knows that.

      Just because two people hold hands does not mean they are going out. He is a gentleman and of course when he takes a woman to an event he will hold he hand as to not lose her in a crowd. Being seen once in may then July one in august and finally this. They are either friends with benefits or he is her mentor.
      Look at him with Ryder, Moss, and Paridis. This man is not in love. When he is in love he keeps his love at his side and puppy loves them. None of this is happening with these two.
      In fact the whole thing smells funny. The press needs to stop calling them lovers until one or both admit they are together. It only took Depp 1 year to open up to his separation and said he wants no relationship anytime soon. Heard and Depp have been together since 2011 and nothing what so ever has come off as being even the slightest romantic thing. They have only been spotted at events and dinners always accompanied by other celebrities. I just think they are close friends period.

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