Jenna Jameson Claims She’s Been Sober For 7 Years — Judge For Yourself

Posted on October 22nd, 2013 at 12:16 pm

jenna3Jenna Jameson's TV segment on Good Day New York was cut short by producers Monday after she slurred her words and made nonsensical statements.

But things just went downhill for the former porn star as she went on to do radio interviews on the Opie & Anthony radio show followed by a nearly half-hour afterwards with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on their Sirius XM radio show. She was in New York to promote her new book Sugar.

Her interview is heartbreaking.  The 39-year-old bounces back and forth with emotion, slurs her words, breaks down in tears and has trouble understanding questions and completing sentences.  She's clearly in a bad place.

When asked by the hosts if she was OK, she had problems responding to the question. When it was rephrased she rambled "Yeah .. .I'm super bummed.  I have a bad ex.  Yeah no worries."

At the times she was mildly coherent, telling the hosts, "I go crazy on Twitter and people think I'm nuts, but in reality it's just me trying to tell people what's really happening, what's really going on you know. It's kind of sad. I want to see my kids, I want to be with my babies." She's then asked about the custody situation between her and ex-husband, Tito Ortiz, and she breaks down in tears and continues with a rambling tale of their custody fight.

She also revealed she hadn't had sex in seven months.

When asked if she still parties she replied to the surprised hosts "actually I'm sober.  It's been seven years."  They asked "everything - alcohol, pills?" She replied she only has had beer as her only vice.

Jameson told paparazzi Tuesday that her incoherent appearances were caused by "exhaustion."


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    1. LoLo says:

      She’s headed down the path of Anna Nicole Smith if she doesn’t change & surround herself w/ more positive people. I saw her on WWHL & she is a mess.

    2. A-nony-mous says:

      She insists that she’s clean and sober yet as per legal docs posted by Tito, and as spoken by the courts of California “The court finds the evidence is considerable establishing Respondent [Jameson] continues to struggle with substance abuse which among other costs severely interferes with her ability to adequately parent these children. She has ADMITTED voluntarily entering a rehabilitation program on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. She has NOT been successful in ANY of her attempts.”

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