Jenna Jameson Assistant: She’s Not Drunk Or On Drugs!

Posted on October 22nd, 2013 at 1:07 pm

spl634745_001Jenna Jameson's assistant is coming to the star's defense after speculation that Jameson was on drugs stemming from an interview where she appeared off her rocker.

Britney Markham, the porn star's go-to gal who she allegedly beat up last April, says the assault is water under the bridge for the two, and is now standing up for her friend.

"She's sober and doing well," Markham, who spends plenty of time around the Queen of Porn, says of Jenna, adding, "I KNOW Jenna was not drunk or on me I was with her everyday I could tell in her eyes she was just happy!"

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The self-described transgender adult film actress continues, "I just got off Facetime with Jenna and shes FINE!! She just wants to see her children and Tito is being hard headed wants to hurt her."

It's obvious Jameson has been through Hell and back with her baby daddy issues claiming Tito Ortiz doesn't allow her enough time with the two children they share.

Jenna has made this clear in recent Twitter rants by posting things like screen shots of private controversial text conversations between the two, as well as tweeting photos of her and the kids with the caption, "Funny, he (Tito) says I was a bad mom... Does he even have ONE pic with them?"

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    1. LoLo says:

      Maybe Tito doesn’t tweet pics of them because he’s keeping them out of the spotlight. If Jenna was the better parent he wouldn’t have them.

    2. A-nony-mous says:

      The same assistant who, after the assault, insisted that Jenna “drank like a fish” and was probably on things. Her word isn’t exactly bond. As for Jenna’s attacks, posting carefully crafted pictures doesn’t prove anything. He could easily be in pictures she didn’t choose to post. He’s posted legal documents that are far more damning to her with the COURTS stating that she didn’t even ASK for custody and that she has an ongoing drug problem.

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