Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend, Brian Dawe, Is A True Gentleman

Posted on October 31st, 2013 at 5:38 am

576825_10200844007081952_1911381697_nFarrah Abraham's new boyfriend, Brian Dawe, opened up to Orlando Weekly recently, and he is far beyond what anyone would have expected the raunchy starlet's significant other to be like!

The DJ talks about dating Farrah and the sudden attention he's received, saying, "Well, you know, it’s something I never expected to be brought into. Me and her were dating quietly for a few months. I wasn’t really expecting for it to come out. I mean, I didn’t know when it would come out, or if it would, so it kind of caught me by surprise. But I knew it was a big ordeal when people started calling my mom’s house asking about it," he continues, "I think a lot of people give her a bad rap. She might not have the best reputation in the media right now, but I think she’s improved herself a lot, and she’s fixed a lot of the past mistakes she made. She’s young, she’s made some mistakes, just like everybody."

And Dawe doesn't agree with the way MTV treated Farrah and other young girls, saying he blames them for some of the messed up things she's gotten herself into. "Even though I’ve been on reality TV before, I think the culture of reality television, especially with younger people, is very damaging. The fact that MTV and Viacom exploit 16-year-old girls – it’s clear they don’t care about the long term or the mental health of these people, and it’s a travesty that they are willing to sacrifice integrity for entertainment. These young people, they get thrust out into the limelight, and that’s something that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. You look at a lot of young people put into the spotlight at a very young age, from Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears to even Justin Bieber, and they act out and they have to deal with this. There’s just this culture of exploiting young people. And it needs to change."

Wow, the former Teen Mom star's new boy toy sounds like a true gentleman!

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    1. kdray says:

      “True gentlemen” don’t lie for the sake of publicity. These two only just met Oct. 11 at a club appearance they both happened to be doing in Orlando. Farrah had just gotten dumped by her SECOND manager. She hooked up with this DJ guy that night & he introduced her to his cut rate manager & BAM….a “relationship” was born! For the manager, it’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone….the DJ needs publicity & Farrah needs an image overhaul. He’s already bragging about booking the two of them together at “big shows coming up”. He thinks he’s got a BIG STAR on his hands! I guess he’s forgetting that she has no bankable talent. Small detail! Haha!! It’s hilarious that ANYONE would believe that this so-called romance has been going on for 5 months…afterall the girl doesnt take a crap without calling the paps. Also, she was famously trying to hook up with Charlie Sheen less than 5 months ago.If this DJ is really a nice guy, it’s too bad he’s allowing his manager & Farrah to convince him to lie for attention’s sake. But then anyone who hooks up with Farrah for any reason gets dragged down to her level.

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