Does Liz Hurley Want To Have Shane Warne’s Baby?

Posted on October 7th, 2013 at 8:21 am


Australian cricket star Shane Warne is working hard to win back British beauty Liz Hurley, but does the Estee Lauder model want to have his baby?

Over the weekend Shane tweeted some loving messages to his ex. He congratulated her on her work with breast cancer, tweeting , " & Well done on all the wonderful work u do. Hope the week was a another huge success. Very proud of you angel ❤️"

He also uploaded a picture of them together from the cancer benefit from last year.

But, now a British tabloid is taking his flirtation a step further by saying, “Liz wants to be a mother again if she can, and that discussion has taken place."

Liz is 48 and that is not likely at all.

In fact, she fixed this rumor herself on Twitter: "PS contrary to ludicrous reports, family, friends & followers, I am certainly not trying to have a baby .... mind boggling."

Shane, who has three children from a previous relationship, enjoyed the rumor so much -- he tweeted in jest, " I thought we were going to try for triplets ??? Hahaha Good luck today shooting "The Royals"

Later he added: " Ps Given it some thought & think we should settle on twins to start with !!!! Hahaha Happy with that ?

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