Did Madonna Get Banned From A Movie Theater For Texting During A Film?

Posted on October 14th, 2013 at 2:09 pm

madonnaRumors surfaced last week that pop superstar Madonna infuriated audiences during a special screening of Oscar contender 12 Years A Slave during the New York Film Festival.

Word has is that her Madjesty was texting throughout the first half of the intense drama and when other patrons asked her to stop, she allegedly snapped back  "It's for business... enslaver!"

The owner of the theater where the movie was screened - the Alamo Drafthouse in New York City - says Madonna is no longer welcome at his theaters until she makes it right with other moviegoers. 

Founder and Owner Tim League publicly called out Madonna on his Twitter account, saying "until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @(alamo)drafthouse."  He then linked to a story about Madonna's antics in the Daily Mail basically confirming the 55-year-old icon did in fact do the dastardly texting-while-a-movie-is-playing move.

Madonna's not one to say she's ever in the wrong so we're curious to see how she'll respond to being outed as a bad theater-goer.

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