Courtney Stodden Goes Under The Knife To Look Like A Duck

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 10:56 am
True courtney-stodden-pouty-lips Courtney Stodden paid real money to make that popular "duck face" look a permanent one. If you don't know already, the "duck face" is a face girls these days make in photos--they pout out their lips and widen their eyes thinking it's hot, but little do they know--it's not--In fact, it's a widely laughed upon trend. Anyways, Stodden, who could quite possibly be the biggest joke in Hollywood, debuted her new atrocious look on Twitter late last week, thanking her doctor, "new pout looks so lovely. Thank you, Doc 😉 x." The teenager has gotten so much work done no one can even tell who or what she even is. Can you say 19 going on 90?!

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    1. Reality says:

      Excellent! When is she going to learn? What is next? Her growing nose and elongating chin? Shouldn’t she be spending money on acquring a talent?

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