Courtney Stodden: Far From A Sight For Sore Eyes

Posted on October 4th, 2013 at 6:38 am

Courtney Stodden seen leaving Pavilion on Santa Monica BoulevardSpilling out of her skin-tight mini dress and wobbling in towering sky high heels, Courtney Stodden shopped for groceries at the local market.

The fame hungry starlet showed once again that she'll do anything for attention. Looking far from decent, Doug Hutchinson's wife puffed out her fake lips, protruded her fake breasts, and flung her long fake stringy hair for paparazzi at Pavilion in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

When will this nightmare ever end?

Courtney Stodden seen leaving Pavilion on Santa Monica Boulevard Courtney Stodden seen leaving Pavilion on Santa Monica Boulevard Courtney Stodden seen leaving Pavilion on Santa Monica Boulevard

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    1. Reality says:

      Ha ha! That is her mother in the background in the 2nd pic! Pathetic, that is all she is, pathetic. To stage a fake photo shoot in a supermarket. Cake and flowers in the cart, then no cake and flowers. Probably an empty bag in the cart. Called the paps or hire photgrapher. Mommie Dearest, and probably Doug and her agent in the background.

      • Erin says:

        I see no cake and flowers in the cart?

        You do realise the photos might be out of sequence, right? haha

        • Reality says:

          No….. if she had large cake and large flowers in the cart when she was the store, and when she doesn’t outside, which is the sequence, then no, it was all staged. Please notice that these are all AFTER she left the store with her grocery bag. Ha ha… Another site had the pics of her posing in the store with the cake and flowers. And since you are English, you may have seen that English site.

    2. Name says:


    3. Trinity says:

      I ALWAYS wear my most comfortable heels while getting groceries!
      ***eyes rolling***

      On a serious note It’s sad when women feel the need to wear clothes that make it look like their self worth in currency is only in their looks and how big their breasts are.

      I don’t know her personally, and I’m not saying she’s sleazy. But one can only assume she dresses that way to get attention ( hence trying to fund her currency ).

    4. Keira says:

      I wear my sunglasses at night…

    5. LoLo says:

      She tried to distract your attention away from her horrible face.

    6. Erin says:

      ‘Article’ is a little biased.. Haha
      I understand she’s a money-hungry hoe.. But you give it to her! You take photos of her at the freaking shops, there are already 6 comments on this story, the most I’ve seen on any story (where I’ve actually looked at the comments)
      If you don’t want to see her, stop paying her freaking attention!

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