Courtney Stodden Designs The Trashiest Shoes Ever

Posted on October 15th, 2013 at 1:08 pm

Untitled-1We all knew this would be coming.

It looks like Courtney Stodden is now designing her own shoe line.

The fame hungry star, who is known for stumbling around Hollywood in sky high stripper shoes, has teamed up with Primo Fashion to launch her very own shoes--and they look like Barbie puked on them.

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The shoes sport bright pink rhinestones, Barbie heads, shimmery pearls, bright jewels, weird mirrors, and random plastic objects shaped as lips, hearts, and flowers--All topped off with a big tacky pink bow on the heel.

And you can get the seven inch heels for a cool $519!

Would you wear these knockouts?

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    1. gwen0444 . says:

      I cannot stand this wannabe but the shoes are no trashier then other shoes I have seen. Louie Vuitton’s aren’t always gorgeous so don’t trash one shoe due to the designer and praise another shoe because of the designer. If this was a high profile shoe designers work magazines and critics would be praising the genius who designed it.

      • Reality says:

        I agree. There are some trashy shoes out there now. Stick a designer label on it and they will wear it, no matter how ridiculous they look.

    2. Reality says:

      A little over the top- wear it with a tutu? However, she did not design this.. If anything she copied the design. She was gifted such a pair of shoes about 1.5 yrs ago, studded with silver adorments, not pink, though. No ribbon. Believe it was an Australian company. She took pictures of herself in them on her bed in a negligee. Wonder if she is stepping on anyone’s toes having copied a design? No pun intended.

    3. bamaview says:

      They look like they were designed by a teenager who draws pink hearts and stars on her school notebook. Oh wait, she is a teenager. This girl will be doing porn next because she is so desperate to be famous for something.

    4. JZ says:

      oh wow she’s taken a stripper shoe and stuck a load of tacky crap on it. Is the fashion world ready for such genius?

    5. Bettie says:

      Hookers would like these!

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